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Webscope simplifies your company's repetitive tasks, automates your procedures and improves workflow while increasing productivity. We develop, host and maintain secure, custom-tailored applications; streamlining costly, time-consuming and redundant tasks that are part of your company's daily workflow.

  • Simple to use & accessible from any Web Browser
  • Increases productivity while reducing payroll costs
  • Hardware and labor costs substantially reduced
  • Subscription-based
  • Software will always be up to date
  • No need to worry about backups
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)

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Company receives, stores, delivers and installs furniture, fixtures & equipment for large hotels and institutions

  • Maintains online inventory with photos
  • Issues purchase orders
  • Control Panel for Clients to view, pick, deliver and install selected inventory
  • Full Reporting


Personal Trainer Application

Personal trainer can:

  • Maintain clients
  • Setup schedules for trainings
  • Receive payments
  • Send client statements
  • See week-at-a-glance schedule


Talent agency event manager

A cloud-based application designed for Talent Agencies with a pool of musicians and performers to assemble them into bands that will perform at different events and affairs. The application allows the clients to:

  • Stores client and venue information
  • View scheduled events
  • Enter new events
  • Maintain details of the performer’s talents and capabilities
  • assigns available performers to events
  • Notifies performers of their upcoming assignments
  • Confirms the events and presents a calendar of their upcoming jobs
  • Keeps track of payments made from the events and to the musicians


Shipping Manifest System

A cloud-based application designed for companies that transport goods by ship. The application automates many of clerical functions, reduces document preparation time, and generates complex reports in minutes. The users can:

  • Stores client and venue information
  • Manage shipper and destination information
  • Print dock receipts, manifests, letters of intent and power of attorney forms
  • Generate shipment and agent commission reports


Medical Symposium System

A system used for complete management of symposiums. In addition to the front-end dynamic website, the system handles:

  • Back-end maintenance of multiple, simultaneous meetings
  • Sessions and Presentations
  • Faculty management
  • Faculty signup, compliance and demographics
  • Exhibitors
  • Email Blasts
  • Complete online registration with bar code and reports


Fire Safety Tracking

An online project management system built for a company that provides its clients with design, filing, inspections and certification of Life Safety Systems. The system allows the users to:

  • Manage jobs
  • Manage timelines
  • Keeps track of regulatory filings
  • Manage documents
  • Email customers
  • Integrate Microsoft Outlook meetings