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Discover the undiscovered Island...
...Long Island

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Whatever the season, be it spring, summer, fall or winter, Long Island has it all.

You can visit the summer mansions of millionaires, stroll along wharfs where fish are sold from boats, dine at seaside restaurants, visit quaint colonial villages where Long Island's past is preserved, go ocean or surf fishing and catch a world record fish, tour museums, see country auctions, play golf, tennis, or try horseback riding.

Of course, there are the famous Long Island beaches, miles and miles of white sand and surf. Then, there's the excitement of thoroughbred racing, Mets' Baseball, Islanders' Hockey, dinner theatre, concerts, plays, nightclubs, and fine dining in romantic settings.

There are many reasons to come to the Island. So come visit any time of the year and discover the undiscovered Island ...Long Island!

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