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Karmiel, Israel - Gateway to the Galilee

    The City of Karmiel

Karmiel is located in the midst of the Galilee, surrounded by breathtaking landscape and clean, fresh mountain air.

There are 70 parks in the city, grassy areas, boulevards, sports equipment and playgrounds, as well as educational and cultural institutions which give the residents a good quality of life in a well-developed, quality environment.

There are 50,000 residents in Karmiel or 12,000 households. The average age of the residents is 39, which points to a relatively young population.

The educational system in Karmiel is among the best in the country, beginning with nursery school and kindergarten to the ORT Braude College of Engineering.

The Municipality invests many resources in the educational system, both in equipment and in educational programs.

There is a network of Community Centers in Karmiel which covers most of the cultural and sports activities in Karmiel including: athletic tracks, gymnasiums, gymnastics, a soccer stadium, tennis courts, basketball courts, a swimming pool, and a country club with a heated pool, gymnasium, sauna, jacuzzi and other high quality facilities.

Karmiel's open, roomy amphitheater has a capacity of 25,000, and serves as the location for major events: the Dance Festival, Independence Day Celebration and concerts. During the summer months, the Municipality sponsors cultural activities and open

dances in the various neighborhoods.

Karmiel has a public library for adults and children which houses more than 70,000 volumes. There are also many activities in the various Immigrants' Clubs in the city.

Karmiel also has an 800 seat cultural center that offers plays, concerts, dance performances, light entertainment programs and films. There are many cafes, youth clubs, discos for youth, nightclubs, etc.

The International Dance Festival takes place during 3 magical days and nights in July. Some 250,000 people take part in the dance festival. During the Succoth Holiday the Health Through Nature Festival is held, covering all aspects of alternative medicine.

The City Administration has taken upon itself the task of assuring quality procedures in running the City. Ten years ago, we initiated a T.Q.M. program. Six years ago, we were granted ISO 9002, the international certification for quality service. We are continuing to look for ways to improve service to our residents, and we have recently received the ISO 12000 international certification for environmental quality.

We must emphasize that in pursuing these programs we have enjoyed the full cooperation of the residents and of the various local organizations. Their help has made it possible to maintain a quality city that makes life comfortable and pleasant for its citizens.

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